Brimstone & Cotton is an androgynous fashion brand from South UK, with an aim to make gender-neutral clothing more accessible. 

Whilst the popularity of unisex clothing is on the rise, I believe it's important to ensure that there is a wide range of clothing styles available to everyone. I started Brimstone & Cotton for myself, as a way to explore and experiment in fashion outside the realms of standard norms. It's a journey that has only just begun, but I hope that I am able to provide affordable clothing to a wider range of people, unsupported by mainstream fashion.

As well as supporting people from the whole spectrum on gender, I wanted to ensure that everything I produce is both good for the environment, and the people that make the garments. As of this moment, most of my core range is made with Stanley/Stella clothing. Stanley/Stella are dedicated to making sure workers are paid fairly and in safe environments. They also ensure the clothes are sustainable, and are very up front with their goals. For more information about their work, head to their website stanleystella.com

I am proud that I can work in a sustainable and fair way, providing fashion to people forgotten by mainstream fast fashion giants. I will always try to keep my prices low and fair as I can, whilst still being able to maintain the business and help it grow.

Thank you for being here and supporting me on this journey, hopefully we can do great things together.